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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Try again next year

Oh well...

I didn't plan enough for this one. I'll try again next year. The sad part is that there was no massive email sent out to remind people to start planning. They should really do better so that they can get more fabulous bloggers like me on board.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogathon 2006

It's that time again!!!

I want to do Blogathon again this year.

It is a charity event where I would blog for 24 hours straight. Last year, I counted down the most influential TV shows in Science Fiction.

This year I need a topic, a charity to blog for and pledges. Last year I blogged for the Planetary Society but they didn't send so much as a thank you email so I won't be blogging for them again. Here's a link to Blogathon's Suggested Charities.

Blogathon starts this year on July 29th so comment with your suggestions.

Friday, August 19, 2005

This Blog is Closed

This blog is closed until next year's Blogathon.

For regular rants on science fiction visit my original blog.

SciFi Ranter Girl

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Vote For Me! Blogathon Awards

This should be my last post about Blogathon, next it's back to our regularly scheduled program. And yes, the Orion Slave girl will go back up!

Blogathon Site
You want ‘em, we got ‘em: Awards. Every year after Blogathon, give awards in various categories with real (gasp! real!) prizes. Most Funds Raised and the three Monitor’s Choice awards have already been decided, but nominations are being accepted for the following categories. To nominate a site, send an email to awards@blogathon.org with the email account you are registered with. Include the category you are nominating a blog for and their URL. You may only nominate one blog per category, and myself (Sheana) and the team leaders (Rickie Beth, Heather and Chris) are not eligible for awards.

So, the categories are…

Most Tired (but still made it!)
Most Enthusiastic
Best Webcam
Best Undefinable Project
Best Audio Project
Best Writing Project
Best Visual Arts Project
Best Themed Blog
Best Blog

Again, to nominate a site, send an email to awards@blogathon.org with the email account you are registered with. Include the category you are nominating a blog for and their URL. You may only nominate one blog per category, and myself (Sheana) and the team leaders (Rickie Beth, Heather and Chris) are not eligible for awards.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Thanks for all of the comments

Just a little note to say thanks to everyone who commented on my blog during Blogathon 2005.

halogirl66 on LiveJournal
Loren Javier
Jackson B
and some Anonymous person who was wondering why Buffy and Angel wasn't on the list.
Here's why...
Countdown criteria

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Did she just go crazy and fall asleep?

for raising money to The Planetary Society
Anonymous $10.00
Loren Javier $10.00
Christopher $10.00
Eric James Stone $25.00
Jennie Kadrioski $5.00
Elke Sisco $10.00

These are the Top 10 Shows
#10: Farscape
#9: Battlestar Galactica
#8: Stargate
#7: Mystery Science Theatre 3000
#6: Dune
#5: Dr. Who
#4: Babylon 5
#3: X-Files
#2: The New Outer Limits
#1: The Jetsons

And that's the SciFi Ranter Girl Science Fiction TV Show Countdown. It's been a fun experience and I look forward to...
....getting all...
You've got the light... from the console... keep you, lift you up. They shine like...
... little angels...

#1 Countdown: The Jetsons

Two words: Flying cars
Two more: Robot housekeepers
Two more: Food synthesizers

We already have the visaphones (web cams/ camera phones/ video phones), moving side walks (ever been in an airport or to Vegas?).
Electric diary Didi? We call it a PDA.
Puppy mill? Treadmill.
Rosie? Asimo
And don't forget Aibo.

Mrs. Jetson put a bubble over her head and her hair was done in a snap. The washing/dry machine washed, dried and folded the clothes in seconds.

I know The Jetsons is a cartoon and that I can't have every thing from a cartoon BUT the previous list is to show people that we do get a lot of our technological wants and innovations from movies, TV shows and yes cartoons.

At the beginning of the 'thon I had a way more intelligent explanation about why this is the most influential science fiction TV show. It is a really compelling arguement in my head. Still is but in this late hour, sleep prevails.

The Jetsons is number one dammit. I want my flying car before I die.

Wait for it...

Less than 10 minutes.....

#2 Countdown: The New Outer Limits

[creepy music]
There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now controlling the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond. We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive. For the next hour we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to The Outer Limits.

...Please stand by...
[/creepy music]
The opening theme sets the mood for this show. I always get goose bumps when I hear it. I like The Outer Limits because you never know what you are going to get. The lack of a regular cast is what makes this show unique. Anybody is fair game which lets them tell a story where they can kill off the star and not loose any fan loyalty.

The range of topics kept The Outer Limits fresh. One week you would have aliens or androids. The next week you would be dealing with evolution or mutation. The themes ranged further and covered things like after life, scientific theory to the extreme, life after death, recycling bodies for people with souls but no body, resurrections, artificial intelligence and every one's favorite, time travel. My life's work doesn't deal with science, physics or theory but these topics fascinate me. I know when some of the story stretch fact to extend the imagination, it's the purpose for the show and it's one of my favorites because of it.

Some of my favorite shows are Double Helix, A Stitch In Time, Sand Kings, there are more but I'm sleepy...

TWO, two more shows....


Anyone up? Anymore donations?

For the green aliens?

Article: Pure Fantasy

The latest in TV news.

Pure Fantasy
Published: Saturday, August 6, 2005
By Mike Hughes

This fall, the big networks will debut four sci-fi shows and two shows designed to scare. Add in the movies and the cable channels and you have a science fiction invasion.

Why now? Hollywood offers lots of reasons, ranging from philosophy to technology to DVD sales. Still, Shaun Cassidy jumps straight to the big one:

"I think you can answer that question in three words: 'Lost,' 'Lost' and 'Lost,'" he says.

Yes, that's the same Shaun Cassidy who used to sing to screaming teenagers. He's 46 now and has been writing strange TV fantasy for the past decade. "American Gothic" and "Roar" died quickly; "Hollyweird" was pulled before it ever aired.

Now his "Invasion" -- with spooky things happening in hurricane-wracked Florida -- is getting praise, a big build-up and a cozy spot behind "Lost" on ABC's Wednesdays. That's appropriate.

" 'Lost' has changed the climate for shows that don't answer all your questions by the end of every episode," says Cassidy, who adds that it's something he likes.

Ironically, "Lost" doesn't spend much of its time in the sci-fi genre.

"There is a part of 'Lost' that has some sci-fi elements," says Stephen McPherson, the ABC president. "Although, I would argue, very little ....

"At the heart of 'Lost' is great character work. And that's what we like about 'Invasion.'"

In its early weeks, viewers only knew that "Lost" was about survivors of a plane crash on a tropical island. With one exception -- a really big bear or something -- it offered no fantasy; that has crept in slowly, after the show was a hit already.

And that seemed to open the door for other shows with big ideas.

Now they figure it out. It's about damned time.

OMG! I'm delirious!

I was thinkiing about a chat I was having with someone about Firefly and some of the stuff Jayne says and I couldn't stop laughing. I'm trying not to wake anymore up but I'm dying of hysterics over here.

Honorable Mention: The Lone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen

I was excited about The Lone Gunmen spinoff. The first couple of episodes were alright then the goofy side kick guy and the eye candy chic ruin the vibe of the series. The Lone Gunmen were about conspiracies and foiling govenment plots not baby sitting some jock. The chemistry wasn't there.

I can't let go of The Lone Gunmen topic without revealing how freaked out I was about the first episode of this show how close it was with September 11th. I thought the 9/11 news coverage was a cruel joke because of the LG show a few months earlier. It was not a good time to be paranoid.

The advice is still good: Trust No One.

#3 Countdown: The X-Files

The X-Files
The Lone Gunmen

This show was my first television obsession. I used demand that my boss make my schedule around the show. Even though it totally sucked in the end, X-Files will always hold a special place in my heart.

Fox Mulder made conspiracy theories cool. Scully made science hot. I thought they had the perfect non-relationship. The whole baby thing at the end was sweet but by the middle of Season 6, Scully wasn't the only one screaming, "This isn't happening!". I watched every episode of this show but I'm still confused about what was actually going on.
I think X-Files was so popular because there was a growing mis-trust of the government and no real way to express it. Mulder was like a lot of us who just wanted to know what the hell was going on. The trouble with this show is that it makes our government offices look more competent than they actually are.

The Cigarette Smoking Man, Kryceck, Mr. X, Deep Throat, The Lone Gunmen, Skinner. These characters were gifts that kept on giving. The Samantha arc, Scully's Aduction and Impregnation, The Black Oil, contagions, quarantines, plagues, genetic mutations, cannibalism, stolen files, serial killers, paranormal entities, you name it, this show had it all.

One of these days I'm going to watch all of the mythology episodes minus the monster-of-the-week episodes. Maybe then I'll figure out what's going on.

My favorite episodes:
Small Potatoes - It's the one where the plumber is a changeling and morphs in to Luke Skywalker.
Jose Chung's from Outer Space
Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

$30 for my Top 3 Science Fiction TV Shows

It's down to the Top 3.

C'Mon anyone out there, I'm at $70 and it would be awesome if I raised an even $100. $10 for each show.

Click the link to pledge today! SciFi Ranter Girl's Blog-a-thon Campaign Page.

The Planetary Society

I'm a tough soldier. I'm staying the course. So say we all!

[Listening to: TFN_050622 - Upcoming Book Rel - Erik - TheForce.Net (27:44)]

Blogaton Cuteness

The Blogathon coordinators make entries on the front page about all of the bloggers. Here's the entry about mine.
SciFi Ranter Girl’s Blogathon
Sunday August 07th 2005, 4:23 am
Filed under: General

SciFi Ranter Girl is calling the 10 most influential sf television shows, interpersed with general sf posts. It’s good stuff, and to make it more interesting–no Star Trek. I noticed she hasn’t mentioned Babylon 5 yet!

SciFi Ranter Girl is beaming up for The Planetary Society. Click here to sponsor.

They should have known that B5 will always be in the top 5!

Thanks for the mention!

[Listening to: TFN_050615 - Television Series - Erik@TheForce.Net - TheForce.Net (24:26)]

#4 Countdown: Babylon 5

Babylon 5
"I was there at the dawn of the third age of mankind.

"It began in the Earth year 2257, with the founding of the last of the Babylon stations, located deep in neutral space. It was a port of call for refugees, smugglers, businessmen, diplomats...and travelers from a hundred worlds. Could be a dangerous place -- but we accepted the risk, because Babylon 5 was our last, best hope for peace.

"Under the leadership of its final commander, Babylon 5 was a dream given form: a dream of a galaxy without war, when species from different worlds could live side by side in mutual respect. A dream that was in danger as never before, by the arrival of one man on a mission of destruction.
"Babylon 5 was the last of the Babylon stations. This is its story."

For the people whole have anything bad to say about Babylon 5, THERE'S A HOLE IN YOUR MIND!
(that never get's old)

The fact that the entire world hasn't experienced the show that is Babylon 5 is a crime against Humanity. I can rant about how this is the best space opera ever but what's the point? If you are reading this blog then you are already aware of this. I'm perpetually offended that this show is treated like the red-headed step-child of science fiction.

This show was well written and the actors were tip-top. There was war, romance and intrigue. Pen & Teller even made an appearance, what more can you ask for?

[Listening to: TFN_050615 - Television Series - Erik@TheForce.Net - TheForce.Net (24:26)]

Thank you Elke!!!

Elke Sisco made a pledge to The Planetary Society. Be awesome like Elke! Stop those Voguns and those Vorlons!

Click the link to pledge today! SciFi Ranter Girl's Blog-a-thon Campaign Page.

[Listening to: TFN_050615 - Television Series - Erik@TheForce.Net - TheForce.Net (24:26)]

Dr. Who Inspires Fashion

....and here I'm thinking he would've inspired time travel. Silly me.

Doctor Who, fashion icon
Flamboyant. Garish. Bizarre. Seldom does Time Lord fashion make it to the High Street.

Until now. When David Tennant takes over the role later this year, it will be in what he describes as "geek chic".

Gone is his predecessor's tailored leather jacket. Instead Tennant will look like the type of man Kate Moss might date, with a just-got-out-of-bed, dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards, only-thing-I-could-find look.

It's not that serious but I'm sure I'll see this costume at a con... correction, in pictures of a con that I didn't go to. :)

The REALLY disturbing part of this article is the "In Today's Magazine" blurb in the top right corner. They are saying that mullets are back in style. OH NO!!!! Down and not across right?

[Listening to: 13-EarthCore-Chapters25-26 - Scott Sigler - (38:22)]

#5 Countdown: Dr. Who

The New Dr. Who

Dr. Who?
Isn't that the show that had something to do with a doctor, time travel and a blue telephone booth?

I'm ashamed to admit but this was the extent of my Dr.Who knowledge prior to this latest season. I did not know that this show had been on for a whopping 26 years prior. So this is the longest running science fiction show to date yes?

I fell in love with this show only to find out that Christopher Eccleston was leaving at the end of the season. I was PISSED! The new guy came in with style so I'm going to give him a chance. That's the least of my worries with this show. Twenty- six entire seasons that I haven't seen. My blood pressure rises thinking of the catch up that I would have to do just to really know what is going on. Rose explained the "Bad Wolf" thing but I still didn't get it.

The show seems like it's for kids, it's definitely not Battlestar Galactica. Like Farscape though, this show reminds me that there's a whole planet that I live on and I've been living in the same city all my life. Terrorists be damned, I want to visit England anyway.

[Listening to: 12-EarthCore-Chapters23-24 - Scott Sigler - (0:-1)]

Honorable Mention: LOST

The jury is still out on whether this is science fiction or not. The writers and producers shun this label but at this point in the story, we don't really know what this show is about other than a group of airplane passengers get stranded on a island. There's a lot of weird, supernatural things going. No mention of aliens, we don't know if that hatch is from a spaceship and we aren't sure what the thing that's hunting on the island is.

This show can go either way.

[Listening to: 12-EarthCore-Chapters23-24 - Scott Sigler - (0:-1)]

#6 Countdown: Dune

Frank Herbert's Dune
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune
...and of course the movie.

Set far in the future amidst a sprawling feudal galactic empire where planetary fiefdoms are controlled by noble Houses which owe allegiance to the Imperial House Corrino, Dune tells the story of young Paul Atreides, heir apparent to Duke Leto Atreides and scion of House Atreides, as he and his family relocate to the planet Arrakis, the universe's only source of the priceless spice melange. In an action-packed story that explores the complex interactions of politics, religion, ecology, technology, and human emotion, the fate of Paul, his family, his new planet and its native inhabitants, as well as the Padishah Emperor, the powerful Spacing Guild, and the secretive female order of the Bene Gesserit, are all drawn together into a confrontation that will change the course of humanity.

This is another story that I have fond memories of. This epic is so beautiful and elegant. The story is timeless and I have to watch this everytime it is on TV. This is another David Lych treat.

[Listening to: DPWI_014_060805 - Michael & Evo - Dragon Page Wingin' It (43:40)]

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Saturn Awards

An awards ceremony for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Sweet. I love these every year. I wish they were televised.
*clears throat for and thinks of SciFi Channel*

31st Annual Saturn Awards
I usually entirely disagree with award shows selection of winners but these guys are have good taste.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
I still have to see this one.

Spider-Man 2
Bruce Campbell says this is a "B" movie.

The Incredibles
I agree

Kevin Conran
(“Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow”)
Hell yes!!

(Jake Garber, Matt Rose, Mike Elizalde)


Stargate SG-1

Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars

Ben Browder
(Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars)

Claudia Black
(Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars)

Terry O’Quinn

[Listening to: DPWI_014_060805 - Michael & Evo - Dragon Page Wingin' It (43:40)]

#7 Countdown: Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 lovingly known as MST3K

I found the greatest summary for this show that I've found is:
A man and two robots trapped on an Earth-orbiting space station are forced to watch the worst movies ever conceived.

No generation should be without this show. It is such an important resource. People have no outlet for the onslaught of horrible films and TV shows today. We could bring back 2 seasons using SciFi Original's alone. This show was always funny. Budget? What budget?

I don't know if Joel is ever resucued but the torture still exsists and there is still a need for this show.

[Listening to: DPWI_013_060105 - Michael & Evo - Dragon Page Wingin' It (42:35)]

The Planetary Society

The Planetary Society is the charity that I'm campaigning for in this year's Blogathon.
Click the link to pledge today! SciFi Ranter Girl's Blog-a-thon Campaign Page.
The Planetary Society is the largest nonprofit, nongovernmental, space advocacy group on Earth. Funded entirely by individuals like yourself, the Society helps to make space exploration happen in many different ways, including:
* Supporting and funding innovative and novel research and development projects that can seed future projects of planetary exploration.
* Actively lobbying governments around the world in support of space exploration.
* Providing extensive coverage on current robotic space missions like Cassini and the Mars Exploration Rovers.
* Supporting educational activities about the exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life.
* And much more …

The Society sponsors novel and innovative projects that will "seed" further exploration. These projects, funded by our members – not with government support, distinguish the Society as an organization that "makes it happen."
The current list of projects includes:
* Earthdials
* Mars Stations
* Near-Earth Objects (NEO) Research and Missions
* Planetrek
* Political Action
* Red Rover Goes to Mars™
* Red Rover, Red Rover
* Scholarships
* Search for Extraterrestrial Life (SETI)
* Solar Sailing with Cosmos 1

The Planetary Society was founded in 1980 by Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray, and Louis Friedman, The Planetary Society is a non-profit, non-governmental membership organization that supports and advocates exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life. With 100,000 members in more than 140 countries, the Planetary Society is the largest space-interest organization on Earth

[Listening to: CleavantDerricks - Sci - (23:58)]

#8 Countdown: Stargate

I used to read everything I could about Ancient Egypt when I was younger. When I saw the preview for the Stargate movie, I was stoked. I loved this movie so much that I went out and bought the action figures. (oh yeah, like that) I don't know whose idea it was to make a TV show based on this movie but it was an AWESOME idea.

One movie spawned a nine year TV show and a spin-off. I think this show was successful because it was more about adventure and not about ideology and moral values. The Stargates went as far as they could with the G'o'uld and the Ancient Egyptians. The writers actually had to familirize themselves with the ancient mythology because they went through just about every major Egyptian God. This ninth season marks a different direction for the show. It took eight years for them to stray away from the movie. Like Taken and Roswell, Stargate takes historical facts weave them into an interesting and believable tale. (Believable if you are drunk but amazing the same) A cool thing about this show is that they get actual direction from the Air Force on how a military installation is supposed to be run. What is it with science fiction and the military anyway?

I forgot to mention that I got a kick out the costumes in the latest episode. Mitchell and Jackson were dressed like the cast of Firefly in one scene. ...not a spoiler, so relax... :)

[Listening to: CleavantDerricks - Sci - (23:58)]

Science Fiction and Religion

I ran across an interesting article about Battlestar Galactica and Religion.

The Souls of Cylons
Ron Moore, executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, talks about the theology behind the Sci Fi Channel series.

The Cylon named Number 6 seems to be suffering from a Madonna/whore complex, talking about sin and redemption while leading Dr. Baltar to bed.
Part of that is who those characters are within the Cylon pantheon. We’ve said that there are only 12 models of Cylons, because the Cylons look at humanity and say there’s only 12 different kinds of human, when you get right down to it.

Six’s belief system and the way she practices it is very specific to her character and her model of Cylon. She is sort of a Madonna/whore made real and has a very strict, if odd, sense of God and what God wants. Leobon is more of a thinker and has a more esoteric idea of how things work in the universe. But they both proceed from the same root, that they both believe there is one God who sets everything in motion and has a real sort of impact and interaction with the universe.

This is a really good article. You should check out the whole thing.

[Listening to: DPC2C_169_060605 - Michael & Evo - Dragon Page C2C (0:-1)]

#9 Countdown: Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica has proven itself worthy to two generations.
The Original Battlestar Galactica
The Re-Imagined Battlestar Galactica on the SciFi Channel

When news of a re-imagined Battlestar Galactica hit the net, "it" hit the fan. All I heard was Boomer was going to be a woman, Starbuck was going to be a woman, Adama was going to be Hispanic, Tigh isn't Black anymore. Oh and Richard hatch? He was the ring leader and the major voice of distention. This guy was on a major crusade against the show. I've never had the opportunity the original show all I could do was wait and see how the new show turned out.

I wasn't that worried though. As soon as I heard Ron D Moore was involved I was good. He's responsible for one of my favorite Star Trek series, Deep Space 9. He had a hand in Carnivale, First Contact, G vs E etc. With this incarnation of BSG, he brought back gritty science fiction. DS9 was the grittiest Trek. Carnivale was pretty gritty too. I have faith in Moore's abilities. BSG is a show I truly look forward to every week. The show started off a bit depressing but as the story unfolded, I was hooked.

This show has the space ships, robots, sex, military and most importantly continuity and mythology which are always my favorites. They gave Richard Hatch a recurring role which is perfect for him. In the latest episode. It appeared as if Madame President addressed him as Captian Apollo. Anyone catch that?

The first season finale was extremely impressive. I didn't expect Captain Adama to get shot. I just hope that they don't use character killing as the cliff hanger for every season finale.

[Listening to: DPC2C_169_060605 - Michael & Evo - Dragon Page C2C (0:-1)]

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is one of the coolest theoretical physicists ever!

Check out the influence that he's had on pop culture through the years.
* MC Hawking — the imaginary alter-ego for the "theoretical physicist turned gangster-rapper"
* The Simpsons — made a few guest appearances on the long running prime-time cartoon. In "They Saved Lisa's Brain", he saves Lisa from the power-hungry Springfield chapter of Mensa in a special wheelchair, complete with an Inspector Gadget-style retractable helicopter attachment and a spring-loaded boxing glove. In the Season 16 episode "Don't Fear the Roofer", he is a friend of Lenny's and shows up to explain that Bart couldn't see Ray (guest voice Ray Romano) during one scene because there was a black hole between the two of them.
* Futurama — made a guest appearance as part of a team guarding the space-time continuum, which included Al Gore, Nichelle Nichols, and Gary Gygax.
* The Onion — satirical newspaper ran an article claiming that Hawking's head had been mounted on a super-robotic cyborg body, complete with laser guided missiles and a jetpack. Hawking, with his typical good humour, sent them a letter cursing them for exposing his evil plans for world domination.
* Dilbert — Was featured in an episode about Dilbert's project, the Gruntmaster 6000, creating a black hole to wipe out all life on Earth. During the episode, it is "revealed" that Hawking has the power to travel through both time and space via the use of wormholes and Dilbert learns the hard way that you should never bet money that a theoretical physicist can't do something.
* Pinky and the Brain — In an episode where a black hole is used as a weapon, Pinky throws it out of a hotel room window in defiance of the laws of physics. Brain notes that he must consult with Stephen Hawking.
* Star Trek: The Next Generation — Data is seen playing poker with holographic depictions of Stephen Hawking, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. Hawking portrayed his own hologram for this episode. When taking a tour of the set, he paused at the Warp Core, smiled, and said, "I'm working on that." He is the only person in any Star Trek series to play himself. (Season 6, Episode 26 Descent) Also, in the final episode of the series (All Good Things...), Data has assumed the Lucasian professorship at Cambridge, the post Hawking currently holds, in an alternate future.
* Family Guy — Hawking's persona has been featured on the episode "Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater" It is a very brief cameo during the song "This House is Freaking Sweet" Hawking is presented as the man who will help Chris do his homework.
* Pink Floyd — Hawking gave his voice to parts of the Pink Floyd song Keep Talking.
* Fairly Odd Parents — In the episode Remy Rides Again, Hawking appeared throughout the episode in a mechanical flying wheelchair with a rocket on the back of it that at the end of the episode, disappeared in a similar way as the Delorean going back in time in Back To The Future. Hawking was played by Dee Bradley Baker in this episode. Hawking was hired by Remy to prove that 2 + 2 = 5, and was also Crocker's room-mate in college.
* Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine — Richard and Hawking sing "The Girl is Mine" as a charming duet on Aperitif for Destruction. (Celebrity voices impersonated)
* Alien Planet — This is a special on the Discovery Channel. He presents some of his theories using his speaking device.
* Bob & Tom Show — Hawking is portrayed (and his computerized voice simulated) in a spoof of the show I'm with Busey. At the end of the spoof, he's heard cursing his room-mate for being so stupid.

#10 Countdown: Farscape

Farscape was such a unique show. Sure it was similar to others but it had it's own special flair that made it one of my personal favorites for like. Sure it's totally shallow but I loved the costumes on this show. These show was totally alien which is why, I'm told, it wasn't successful. People hated "the puppet" otherwise known as Rigel. I think that is a lousy reason to not give Farscape a chance. The storylines were as colorful as the characters. At times, this show was just plain wacky. When I watched this show, it was a total escape and a fun adventure. I don't understand why people would want to watch something close to real life on TV. Are people's lives that uneventful?

This show stretched science to the extreme. The wormhole theories used on this show were pushed to the limits. (Especially after Stephen Hawking revised theory. :)

In my opinion, the show was just starting to evolve when it was axed by the SciFi channel. Fans were so upset that they launched a massive campaign to save the show. The campaign was so successful that even after SciFi said that the cancellation was a done deal, the show was brought back in a mini-series to wrap up the story.

Top 10 Countdown Coming Up

I'm getting ready to do my Top 10 Science Fiction TV Shows

Click the link to pledge today! SciFi Ranter Girl's Blog-a-thon Campaign Page. All it takes is a minimum of $5. I don't see the money, you give straight to the charity.

Here's a recap:
#24: Lexx
#23: 3rd Rock from the Sun
#22: Alien Nation
#21: The Cape
#20: Gene Roddenbery's Earth: Final Conflict
#19: 7 Days
#18: Quantum Leap
#17: Space: Above and Beyond
#16: The 4400
#15: Futurama
#14: Sliders
#13: Smallville
#12: Roswell
#11: Firefly

[Listening to: 12-EarthCore-Chapters23-24 - Scott Sigler - (50:13)]

As Discovery Heads Home, NASA Prepares for Landing

from Space.com
As Discovery Heads Home, NASA Prepares for Landing

Flight controllers are watching the weather for Discovery’s return to Earth Monday and are planning alternate landing sites should rain storms in Florida prevent the early-morning touchdown, mission managers said Saturday.

Discovery’s only landing target Monday is NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Cape Canaveral, Florida, where it launched spaceward on July 26. While the orbiter is slated to land at 4:46 a.m. EDT (0746 GMT) on Aug. 8, it could also land 5:21 a.m. EDT (0921 GMT) if whether weather prevents the initial attempt.

Both KSC and a contingency runway at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California will be on call Tuesday if needed, shuttle officials said, adding that a third airstrip in White Sands, New Mexico is also a landing option.

Current weather predictions at KSC call for light and variable winds, a few scattered clouds and a slight chance of rain during the predawn hours of Discovery’s landing opportunities, they added.

"That’s about as good a forecast as you’re going to get in Florida, but I have high hopes," said Wayne Hale, NASA’s deputy shuttle program manager, during a press briefing here at Johnson Space Center. "You don’t commit until it’s time to de-orbit."

Just a little update. I wish these guys good a safe landing.

[Listening to: 12-EarthCore-Chapters23-24 - Scott Sigler - (50:13)]

Who's your favorite Superman?

Who's your favorite Superman?

Chime in

[Listening to: DPWI_014_060805 - Michael & Evo - Dragon Page Wingin' It (43:40)]

Firefly DVD Sales

Today, Firefly is #15 on Amazon's top DVD sales.

Check it out

[Listening to: SoSF_018_Jeffery Willarth - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (57:36)]

#11 Countdown: Firefly

What can I say? This show has a life of it's own.

When it first premeired, I didn't care for it. I hated it so bad that I quit watching. Little did I realize that this show was being shown out of order.
One of the initial turn off of Firefly for me was the Western schtick. I'm really allergic to Westerns. They make me ill. The combination of Firefly and Carnivale opened me up to the old West.

The internet buzz dug it's claws into my curiosity so I gave the show another chance. I really loved it the second time around. I really have to say that if you are still not sold on the show, you should re- watch it in order twice. If you still don't like it, try the movie. If you still don't like it just give up on life. (Just kidding)

For folks who still aren't sold I tell them to think of Firefly as Han Solo's Adventures before he met Luke. It's a very loose, toungue-in-cheek comparison.

The excitement for the up and coming film is phenomenal. The show was cancelled back in 2002 after it's fist incomplete run on Fox. (They didn't even show the whole season) DVD sales drove the campaign for the movie coming out based on the show called Serenity. I don't think that they TV show is coming back but I do think there will be more movies. I'd prefer a TV show but anything is good.

[Listening to: SoSF_018_Jeffery Willarth - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (57:36)]

Origin of Greys

My bit on Roswell sparked my curiosity about the origin of the Grey alien.

From Wikipedia:
Greys (also known as Zetas or Reticulians after the ? Reticuli star system) are the type of intelligent extraterrestrial life that appears most commonly in modern conspiracy theories, particularly UFO conspiracy theories and other UFO-related paranormal phenomena, especially the Abduction Phenomenon. They also appear in some science fiction and in the mythos of the Raelian movement.
Greys appear to have replaced the notion of "little green men" as the stereotypical extraterrestrial of popular culture.
Greys are generally depicted as short, slender humanoids with hairless grey skin (hence the name) and large heads with enormous black almond-shaped eyes and small (often lipless) mouths. Some note that this resembles a neotenous human, i.e., a human with infant-like features. Others have compared the appearance of Greys to that of a fetus. Yet others still have noticed that the stereotypical humanoid features of the Greys, (slanted eyes, slender body, relatively hairless skin as well as supposed "braininess") most resembles our image of the "Mongoloid" or East Asian race of humankind.
The most probable theory under the reported appearance of greys lies in the field of human psychology. There is a believable theory of Martin Kottmeyer that draws the origin of the contemporary look of Greys from the mask of the Bifrost alien (designed by Wah Ming Chang) from the "Bellero Shield" episode of the sci-fi TV-series "The Outer Limits" which was incredibly popular in the United States in 1960s.

I prefer the green ones myself. Do I believe in them? Not really, no. I like the folklore though.

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#12 Countdown: Roswell

This show created a dramatic tale for the UFO incident of 1947. I liked the premise but like Smallville, this show was drowned in with the "Dawson's Creek" vibe. This severely reduced my enjoyment of the show. I like relationships but I hate when they take over the story. I mananaged to catch a few of the episodes where they progressed the alien plot further but I hadn't kept up with the show so none of it made sense.

Roswell was still a great story about the "what if". This show lasted three seasons.

Here's a synopsis if you were interested in what happened.
Roswell synopsis
[Listening to: SoSF_018_Jeffery Willarth - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (57:36)]

I love Paul Allen

Not the creepy, stalking love but i love what he does. I wish this guy was my dad or at least an uncle. He has money to give to most of the things that I'm interested in. When I think about the things he's done, it totally makes up the depressing past few years.

This is totally incomplete list of the things that make Paul Allen rock.
Microsoft (I don't have anything bad to say about MS. I don't have the intense hatred for it like other folks but that's another post.)
Science Fiction Museum

Check out the other stuff he's responsible for.
Paul Allen

Anyone else love Pirates of Silicon Valley? Anthony Michael Hall makes Bill Gates so sexy!

[Listening to: SoSF_018_Jeffery Willarth - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (57:36)]

#13 Countdown: Smallville


I almost forgot to include this because this show is so human but our Clark Kent is indeed an alien. He's from Krypton. (snark)

I was all over Smallville when it first aired. Then it got too mushy with Lana Lang. Then I got interested again. The past couple of seasons really reeled me back in. I especially loved the episode where he finally flew. I can watch that one over and over. The Lana tattoo arc was interesting for awhile but then she whined too much and I wanted her to die.

Hint: Dear WB, I want more flying and less Lana. Less Lois too, she's annoying.

Smallville managed to bring Superman down to earth. We got to see his day to day activities. It's a commentary about not being being your best because most of the world is a bunch of slackers and if you show that you are better than the average-joe people will try to use you or destroy you. (More snark)

On another note...
Lex Luthor is so quasi-evil. I don't think this guy is every going to be fully evil. If Smallville doesn't work out maybe Michael Rosebaum can be cast as The Young Kojak.

[Listening to: SoSF_018_Jeffery Willarth - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (57:36)]

Honorable Mention: V

I saw V when I was very young. It really stuck with me. The mini-series is probably responsible for my love for science-fiction.

Aliens pretending to be friendly come to Earth and are received openly. The aliens have masqueraded themselves to look just like humans. When it is discovered that the aliens' planet is dying and that they have come to rape the Earth of its natural resources, the war for Earth begins. An important key to the humans' success is distinguishing the their own from the aliens.

Now TV show that resulted as a result of the mini-series. Pure crap. This show was BAD. The evil Diana's 80's hair, the big blind man sun shades, the cat fighting and the obligatory shot of the aliens eating rats got old. It was cancelled after the frist season.

The Visitors

IMO Earth: Final Conflict borrowed heavily from the mini-series.

[Listening to: SoSF_017_Patricia Tolman - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (41:59)]


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#14 Countdown: Sliders

What if you found a portal to a parallel universe?

What if you could slide into a thousand different worlds
where it's the same year and you're the same person,
but everything else is different?

And what if you couldn't find your way home?

This show was Stargate with out the Stargate. Sliders was smart for it's day. It made quantum mechanics entertaining and that's no small feat. Why.... the cat was even named Schrodinger [girlie squeal]. Of course, the science was glossed over but it was a really cute show. I personally don't know how it got made. It didn't have guns, explosions or heavy clevage but I enjoyed it the same.

The cast changed a bit and if my memory serves me correctly, Cleavant Derricks, as Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown stayed for the entired run.
This is a great tidbit too. Jerry O'Donnell's brother Charlie was the star of The Bachelor. LAME!

[Listening to: SoSF_017_Patricia Tolman - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (41:59)]

Living in Parents Basement

I'm still trying to figure out how this stereotype came to be and why everytime someone says they watch science fiction that joke follows.

Click here to take the poll.

[Listening to: SoSF_015_Bruce Campbell - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (50:31)]

#15 Countdown: Futurama

Futurama Fan Site

Futurama, set in the next millennium, follows the exploits of Fry, a pizza delivery boy who was cryogenically frozen by accident for 1,000 years; Leela, a female cyclops; Bender, an immoral robot, and others as they work for an intergalactic delivery service owned by Fry's great, great, great... nephew, Professor Farnsworth.

I didn't watch this show regularly but when I caught it, I loved it. Of course, one of my favorites was when they encountered the heads of the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series. I liked the episode where they went to the Lunar Theme park. This show is like The Simpsons and The Jetsons but not really.

[Listening to: SoSF_015_Bruce Campbell - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (50:31)]

I'm SO Sleepy

Time to take a coffee break.

[Listening to: SoSF_015_Bruce Campbell - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (50:31)]

FYI: Tin Foil Hats

As I'm sitting here zoning out trying to fight back sleep, I wondered about the originsl of the Tin Foil Hat.
A tin-foil hat, also tinfoil hat, is a piece of headgear worn by some in the belief that it protects the brain from such influences as electromagnetic fields, or as a shield against mind control and/or mind reading. Hats made from foil are very rarely used, since the injuries they might guard against are highly speculative, and their effectiveness in preventing such harm would be dubious even if the danger were plausible. Instead, the concept has become a popular stereotype and term of derision; in Internet culture, the phrase (sometimes as the abbreviation "TFH") serves as a byword for paranoia.

There is a small amount of truth or reason to be found in the tin-foil hat story. A well constructed tin-foil enclosure would approximate a Faraday cage, reducing the amount of (notionally harmless) radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation inside.

Tin-foil hats in pop culture
* The paranoid centaur Foaly, in Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series of books, wears a tin-foil hat to protect from mind-readers.
* In an episode of The Simpsons, Bart (while paranoid under the influence of a drug to cure hyperactivity called "Focusin") wears a tin-foil hat.
* In the film Lovesick, Dudley Moore plays a psychiatrist who gives a homeless patient some aluminum foil to "protect" the patient from the "mind control rays" his patient claims are bombarding him.
* In Total Recall, the hero (Douglas Quaid, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) wraps a wet towel around his head to stop outgoing radiowaves from a transmitter inside his head.
* In Signs, the children and younger brother of the lead character wear tin-foil hats to prevent their minds from being read. This is parodied in Scary Movie 3, in which the tin-foil hats are actually giant Hershey's Kisses
* In the X-Men movies, Magneto wears a helmet that prevents Stryker's son (in X2) and Professor X (in X-Men and X2) from using telepathy against him.
* Former Marvel Comics supervillain Juggernaut has worn a helmet of mystical alloy as protection against use of telepathy.
* Tin-foil hats are often referenced on Internet forums.
* Tin-foil hats are standard issue with readers of Slashdot.

[Listening to: SoSF_015_Bruce Campbell - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (50:31)]

#16 Countdown: The 4400

The 4400

This show is original and refreshing. It created by René Echevarria who is responsible for quality shows such as Medium, Star Trek: DS9, TNG and Dark Angel (not so much on the quality).

What I like about this show is that we know what's going on but do we really? We find out that humans from the past abducted 4,400 humans over a series of years and returned them all at once. Most of them returned changed and with special powers. This folks can heal, can kill, tell the future, have super powers and is apparently helped to come into existence by a doctor played none other than Jeffrey Combs.

There is a cult-like center for all of "The Returnees". There was a leader named Jordan Collier. He was killed for whatever reason only to be replaced with an identical guy. Whatever. Another thing that puzzles me is that this Collier guy's body disappearing at the funeral and no one has mentioned it again. There is an evil-but-not-really baby. She ruptured the spleen of her half- sister, killed some guys and she can't walk or talk yet.
-OH! back to the cult. It seems so scientology like.

This show has a lot of promise and it hasn't really disappointed yet. There's no excuse for this show to run out of material. It has 4400 stories to tell. Even if the show gets cancelled. They can't ever run out of stories.

4400... Isn't that a biblical reference?

[Listening to: SoSF_014_Dean Haglund - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (54:20)]

Honorable Mention: Spaced

Has anyone seen Spaced? It's a UK show starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson from Shaun of the Dead. This show is awesome. I just discovered it. It's fangirl's dream show. There are no aliens or spaceships in this show but there are enough Star Wars references to make up for it. This show is what Friends should have been.

Check out some of these episode summaries:
Series 1
5. Chaos - Tim takes Daisy's new dog for a walk and it suddenly goes missing while Tim is challenging aliens to abduct him. After an extensive poster campaign Tim gets an anonymous tip-off detailing Colin's location and the gang plans a daring rescue attempt in true Star Wars fashion.

2. Change - Tim loses his job after a dispute over Jar Jar Binks and so heads off with Daisy to the job centre hoping to find employment or, better yet, cash - they are, after all, reasonable people.<---- This show was SO funny.
Spaced Out - Official, fan site

from: Wikipedia
[Listening to: 09-EarthCore-Chapters17-18 - Scott Sigler - (43:58)]

State Farm Commercial

A lovely couple is getting married and they have two of everything. The wife has a sophisticated sense of style. She makes her husband get rid of his life- sized alien. Marriage sucks.

[Listening to: 09-EarthCore-Chapters17-18 - Scott Sigler - (43:58)]

#17 Countdown: Space: Above and Beyond

It is the year 2063 in Space: Above and Beyond . Five marine rookies are forced into active service when mankind is unexpectadly attacked by an alien race.

The new BSG feels like this show used to feel; raw and gritty. I used to watch this show but I could never get into it. I appreciated it but there was something missing from it. This one lasted only a season. It was another sci-fi show that got it's start on FOX. That explains it. They probably aired it out of order.

It's probably one of the ones that I'll re-watch now.

Space: Above and Beyond Fan Site

[Listening to: 09-EarthCore-Chapters17-18 - Scott Sigler - (43:58)]

SciFriday: Stargate: Atlantis - Duet

[Listening to: 167 DPC2C #167 052305 - - 167 DPC2C #167 052305 - (0:-1)]


Grrrrr. Do I see some steamy love making with Teyla and Ronon?
When Beckett and McKay kissed, I felt all of the shippers head for the computer at once. That was the most hilarious episode to date. I didn't totally buy the shared personality thing but it was fun. I was hoping to see the chick in his head feed him some lines during dinner but she went one better and totally took control.

This show is watchable but it seems like the looked at all of the Star Trek scripts and twisted all of those themes to fit their show. Interesting, fun but predictable and dummed down. I guess if I want smart, I should read a book or something. :)

#18 Countdown: Quantum Leap

[Listening to: 167 DPC2C #167 052305 - - 167 DPC2C #167 052305 - (0:-1)]

The great thing about Quantum Leap was that it was all human. I added this one because most of the people that were "leaped" into thought that they were abducted by aliens when they got into the waiting room. I do remember an episode dealing with alien abduction but I can't remember what happened at the end.

These shows were very thoughtful. Leaping into people to wrong a right is a good idea in theory. One of my favorite shows is when Sam couldn't stop the Kennedy assasination. I think I cried.

I think this show had the most instances of a man dressed in drag than any other show to date. (Only if you exclude Bosom Buddies.)

Trivia #3

What country did Bruce Campbell shoot Man With The Screaming Brain?


Bruce Campbell Alert: Tornado!

One of my favorite men, Bruce Campbell is on the SciFi Channel tonight in Tornado. I haven't seen it but it's Bruce Campbell baby!


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#19 Countdown: 7 Days

Involves a space ship... really.
Frank Parker works with a special team of scientists and government officials on project Backstep. Using the Backstep device, Lt. Parker can travel back in time exactly 7 days. Once in the past, he reports in to base using code word "Conundrum" and carries out his mission to alter history for the better.
This show used to come on right before Voyager. This is how I was introduced to the show. The show was likeable. The "relationship" between Lt. Frank Parker and Dr. Olga Vukavitch reminded me of watching Moonlighting. Lt. Frank Parker had a John Crichton vigilante way about him. The science in the show was sketchy at best but it was fun. Hearing the word "conundrum" every week on the show reminded that I first learned that word from watching "The Greatest American Hero".

I almost confused Jonathan LaPaglia with his brother Anthony LaPaglia from "Without A Trace". Those guys look SO much alike. It's almost as bad as The Baldwin Brothers.

7 Days Fan Site

Trivia Question #2

If I were to break the rules I'd so include the BBC version of The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy in my countdown. I loved that mini.

What two major characters from the BBC show appeared in the 2005 version Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Hint: Does not include narrator of The Guide.

#20 SciFi Countdown: Gene Roddenbery's Earth: Final Conflict

I know... for shame but I watched every single episode and it gets mentioned because of Gene Roddenberry. The first season was beautiful. It had so much hope and promise. The special effects were stellar, the storyline was compelling. After the first season, the show started to fall apart. We lost William Boone only to get him back in the last season only to have him die again. We loose William Boone's replacement Liam Kincaid who was grown in one day only to be "ascended" a few seasons later only to be resurrected in the last season. The lead switches from male leads to a female lead, Renee Palmer and her side kick Street. They had a faux Xena/Gabrielle thing going on.
The Taelons die off, the Jaridians do something and everyone is replaced by the Atavus. These guys had to be the worst aliens in science fiction history.

I bet you are wondering why I put this show on my list if I hate it so much. THE SHOW SURVIVED 5 YEARS!!! This is longer than Enterp.... wait, I can't talk about that. The killer part is that this show's special effects could rival some of the shows today. Yes I typed that with a straight face. The minor characters Augur and Sandoval were the best characters and outlived the "main" characters. I truly think they could have squeezed out 1 more good season if they would have given Sandoval a change of heart.

Gene Roddenbery's Earth: Final Conflict
I always loved the name of the Earth: Final Conflict Store - The Sto'or
The also went all out on building subsites for the show but guess what? They are all 404ed. Damn shame, they were actually kinda cool when they were up. I wonder if anyone has mirrors.
FC Universe: Index
» EFC History

Show Sites:
» AtavusWatch
» Augur
» Doors International
» Flat Planet Cafe
» Jaridians
» Resistance
» Taelons

SciFriday: Stargate: SG1 - "The Ties That Bind"


Don't get me wrong, I love this show but it seems to be struggling for content. It is also aware that it is struggling for content because TPTB are trying to cut the Stargate Program's budget. It's funny because in order to keep funding, they have to sell a threat assessment. Sounds a little too familiar eh? The Vala thing is getting a tad trying. I can only handle so much sass from one woman. (I'm all of the sass that I can handle) This week's plot: They took the bracelets off but are still connected. Great! Whodathunkit? I do think that her having to confront people that she stole from was a great spin.

The great thing is that I totally forget the Farscape connection with Browder and Black. This is really the best part of the whole act. I don't know why Vala gets such free reign of the SGC but let's hope Samantha Carter puts it all to an end when she returns.

#21 SciFi Countdown: The Cape

The Cape
"The Cape' explores the daily lives of current-day NASA astronauts, astronauts in training (ASCANs) and support personnel. In the pilot, the Russians have lost radio contact with one of their nuclear-powered spy satellites. This satellite threatens the Eastern Seaboard of the United States when its orbit degrades. A Space Shuttle mission, which includes a Russian cosmonaut, is deployed to prevent the spy satellite from de-orbiting."
Anyone remember this one?
It starred Adam Baldwin. I used to catch this one on late at night. This show was somewhat realistic which made it enjoyable. The first episode of Farscape reminded me of this show. It was really educational and kinda too smart for it's time which is why it only lasted a season. SciFi Channel could get away with re-runs of this show now that Firefly is doing well and the president is taking interest in the missions.

Does Twin Peaks Count?

I never really knew what the hell went on with this show but I loved it. Where is David Lynch anyway? We miss the wacky!
Twin Peaks probably doesn't count but it's a honorable mention.


Feel free to throw out suggestions for TV shows. I'm making them up as I go.

Remember they have to have aliens or spaceships and be from 1990 or later.

I pretty much have my top 10 but the rest I'm debating over.

#22 SciFi Countdown: Alien Nation

Alien Nation
"That was the scene in California's Mojave Desert five years ago - our historic first view of the Newcomers' ship. Theirs was a slave ship, carrying a quarter million beings bred to adapt and labour in any environment. But they'd washed ashore on Earth, with no way to get back to where they came from. And in the last five years, the Newcomers have become the latest addition to the population of Los Angeles... "
Though this show only lasted one season, it had a social impact. This show is still relevant. It went out of it's way to make the aliens alien. The added touch of sour milk making them drunk always entertained me. It was such a useful quality. Do you know how many gallons of milk I let spoil? With these guys around, spoiled milk would no longer go to waste.
This show was similar to 3rd Rock from the sun but these aliens couldn't hide/change their appearance. I was entertained by the premise don't be such a clueless American, step inside someone elses shoes whydontya. These aliens really tried to integrate into American culture. I like that the writers didn't make that easy. I'd love to see a re-imagining of this show.

Trivia Question #1

What was the first Science Fiction TV Show?

#23 SciFi Countdown: 3rd Rock from the Sun

3rd Rock from the Sun was an awesome show. I don't think that I've seen successful another Science Fiction sitcom recently. How it got on NBC and became mainstream, I'll never know. I mean that in a good way. It's unbelievable that a show about aliens would survive 6 entire seasons! The actors were phenomenal. I didn't watch this one regularly but when I caught it, it was always a treat.

This show was about aliens, yes, but it was also about fitting in when you know that you are different. I think the show's premise was even though these folks were aliens, some things are universal. Too bad you can't really dress up like these guys at a convention.

John Lithgow was my favorite. The other actors were awesome but he was so over the top that he wasn't.

More on Lexx

I don't know if this show inspired technology but it has to go down in history as the most oversexed science fiction show that I've ever seen. The ship looked like... male genitalia or the female breasts depending on what angle you caught it from. I think Xev blew every other stereotypical over-sexed space femme out of the water. She was obviously a ploy to get male viewers but in this show's case, it was ok. Most of the time, I never knew what the hell was going on. My favorite was 790. I loved that he was always hitting on Kai and Kai was just not into it. I don't think that robots have gender so I'm not sure if a robot head qualifies as gay but it the relationship (or lack thereof) was hilarious.... loving even if it was a one way street.

The episodes I caught were the time where they went to Earth and something with the president and his "wife". I don't know how the show ended but I'd really like to catch this series from the beginning.

#24 SciFi Countdown: Lexx

Hey, gimmie a break, I'm just waking up here.


I think it's worthy though. I didn't watch every episode of Lexx but when I caught it, it always made me laugh. It was so incredibly bad that it was good. I didn't watch it enough to know what it was really about but I do know that there was a sex slave, a security guard, an assassin animated by protoblood and an insane robot head.

Geeking out for 24 Hours Straight

Today is the day! Today is going to be blogsterbation at it's best.
Remember that I will be counting down to the 24 most influential TV shows in Science Fiction.

How crazy will it get? I've already disqualified Star Trek because it's like saying Citizen Kane is one of the best movies. Plus I'm still mad at Berman, Braga and Paramount but I'm not going to get started on that. Today is a happy day. A day for letting me be as geeky as a want to be.

Remember the Blogathon Countdown will be hosted on an alternate blog:
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Jennie Kadrioski wants to save the little green alien children. Thank you for contribution!

Pre-Blog Show

So I have a little over 30 minutes to get started on my 24 Hour Science Fiction TV Show Countdown. I'm going to keep it to shows made within the last 10 years. Because I'm only doing 24 shows, I'm going to limit them to shows with aliens and spaceships. So that means no vampires and probably not supernatural shows.

I'm still waking up so I'm not in full snark mode but give me a couple hours.

[edit] I'm going to extend this to 15 years to include the #1 show.

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Remember I'm doing the SciFi Ranter Girl's Science Fiction Show Countdown.
I'm counting down to the 24 most influential TV Shows in Science Fiction. How have these shows influenced popular culture and technology? Just to make it interesting Star Trek is excluded. You better believe that I'll be pulling some obscure trivia out of my hat too.

I'm also going to be catching up on podcasts for Slice of SciFi, M&E Wingin' It, Dragon Page C2C and Earthcore.

... please, for the little green children.

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I can be just as hot as anyone else

I applied to be a "Hot Spot" for the Blogathon this year. I got shot down because my description was
very general and doesn't really outline anything specific that you will be doing especially for the Blogathon; that's what the Hot Spots page is for.

My ego was bruised but she was right.


This is what I'm doing especially for the Blogathon event.

SciFi Ranter Girl's Science Fiction Show Countdown: I'm counting down to the 24 most influential TV Shows in Science Fiction. How have these shows influenced popular culture and technology? Just to make it interesting Star Trek is excluded. You better believe that I'll be pulling some obscure trivia out of my hat too.

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I got $10 already!

OK so I pledged the first 10 bucks. The Planetary Society is getting donations whether they like it or not. :)

A little bit more about them:
I found out about The Planetary Society because I was running the SETI@home program. I'm not a member but I've been meaning to donate or join but you know how that is. This event is the perfect excuse for me. Not only do I get to assault yous with my mind-numbing grammatical boo- boos and talk crap about the latest in sci-fi tv and news but I get to do so for a cause that's dear to my heart.

But wait, there's more... For $19.99 you can get... nah just kidding.

The Planetary Society is the largest non-profit, non-governmental space advocacy group on Earth. They sound like a bunch of space cowboys don't they. Here's an excerpt from the site.
At The Planetary Society we make exciting projects happen, including SETI@home, the Mars Balloon, Extra-Solar Planet discovery, and more. Only with our Members' support are we able to encourage and undertake bold ventures to advance humankind's quest for knowledge about the cosmos. You can play a personal role in this great adventure.

The Planetary Society -- the largest ( 100,000 plus members in 140 countries) and most influential space-interest organization in the world -- has proved again and again that a private membership organization can play a major role in space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial life.

More about Blogathon:
They don't handle the donation money AT ALL. All they do is provide a link to donation page of the charity that you are donating to. This way, you know for sure that your money is going where you want it to go.

More Info

I'm going to post Blog-a-thon posts on the blog you see here.

I've already regisitered to blog for The Planetary Society. I just sent them an email letting them know that all proceeds will go to them.

By the way, here is a link to my regular blog.
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