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Saturday, August 06, 2005

#7 Countdown: Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 lovingly known as MST3K

I found the greatest summary for this show that I've found is:
A man and two robots trapped on an Earth-orbiting space station are forced to watch the worst movies ever conceived.

No generation should be without this show. It is such an important resource. People have no outlet for the onslaught of horrible films and TV shows today. We could bring back 2 seasons using SciFi Original's alone. This show was always funny. Budget? What budget?

I don't know if Joel is ever resucued but the torture still exsists and there is still a need for this show.

[Listening to: DPWI_013_060105 - Michael & Evo - Dragon Page Wingin' It (42:35)]


At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Loren Javier said...

One of the greatest concepts EVAH!


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