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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Honorable Mention: Spaced

Has anyone seen Spaced? It's a UK show starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson from Shaun of the Dead. This show is awesome. I just discovered it. It's fangirl's dream show. There are no aliens or spaceships in this show but there are enough Star Wars references to make up for it. This show is what Friends should have been.

Check out some of these episode summaries:
Series 1
5. Chaos - Tim takes Daisy's new dog for a walk and it suddenly goes missing while Tim is challenging aliens to abduct him. After an extensive poster campaign Tim gets an anonymous tip-off detailing Colin's location and the gang plans a daring rescue attempt in true Star Wars fashion.

2. Change - Tim loses his job after a dispute over Jar Jar Binks and so heads off with Daisy to the job centre hoping to find employment or, better yet, cash - they are, after all, reasonable people.<---- This show was SO funny.
Spaced Out - Official, fan site

from: Wikipedia
[Listening to: 09-EarthCore-Chapters17-18 - Scott Sigler - (43:58)]


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