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Saturday, August 06, 2005

I love Paul Allen

Not the creepy, stalking love but i love what he does. I wish this guy was my dad or at least an uncle. He has money to give to most of the things that I'm interested in. When I think about the things he's done, it totally makes up the depressing past few years.

This is totally incomplete list of the things that make Paul Allen rock.
Microsoft (I don't have anything bad to say about MS. I don't have the intense hatred for it like other folks but that's another post.)
Science Fiction Museum

Check out the other stuff he's responsible for.
Paul Allen

Anyone else love Pirates of Silicon Valley? Anthony Michael Hall makes Bill Gates so sexy!

[Listening to: SoSF_018_Jeffery Willarth - Michael & Evo - Slice of Sci-Fi (57:36)]


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