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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Origin of Greys

My bit on Roswell sparked my curiosity about the origin of the Grey alien.

From Wikipedia:
Greys (also known as Zetas or Reticulians after the ? Reticuli star system) are the type of intelligent extraterrestrial life that appears most commonly in modern conspiracy theories, particularly UFO conspiracy theories and other UFO-related paranormal phenomena, especially the Abduction Phenomenon. They also appear in some science fiction and in the mythos of the Raelian movement.
Greys appear to have replaced the notion of "little green men" as the stereotypical extraterrestrial of popular culture.
Greys are generally depicted as short, slender humanoids with hairless grey skin (hence the name) and large heads with enormous black almond-shaped eyes and small (often lipless) mouths. Some note that this resembles a neotenous human, i.e., a human with infant-like features. Others have compared the appearance of Greys to that of a fetus. Yet others still have noticed that the stereotypical humanoid features of the Greys, (slanted eyes, slender body, relatively hairless skin as well as supposed "braininess") most resembles our image of the "Mongoloid" or East Asian race of humankind.
The most probable theory under the reported appearance of greys lies in the field of human psychology. There is a believable theory of Martin Kottmeyer that draws the origin of the contemporary look of Greys from the mask of the Bifrost alien (designed by Wah Ming Chang) from the "Bellero Shield" episode of the sci-fi TV-series "The Outer Limits" which was incredibly popular in the United States in 1960s.

I prefer the green ones myself. Do I believe in them? Not really, no. I like the folklore though.

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At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Loren Javier said...

Thanks for this. I enjoyed reading that bit of history. And, that is interesting how Greys have become our generation's "little green men."


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